Holy Discontent

| — Rev. Brandon Dirks — |

Tithing is Not About Money

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I am discontent with tithing being confused with giving money.

In the midst of the Stewardship Campaign season, it’s time to get it straight.  Tithing really has nothing to do with money…but it has everything to do with discipleship!

Check out this wonderful little video by a really handsome, smart, and wise teacher.  This short video is currently being passed around our church to challenge our notions about tithing and to invite people to reconsider the tithe as an expression of trust.  Strangely enough, it is titled “Tithing has nothing to do with Money.”  

Let me know what you think. What does your tithe say about your relationship with Jesus?


One thought on “Tithing is Not About Money

  1. Great post Brandon! Even better timing, preaching on the tithe and giving this week!!

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