Holy Discontent

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A Strange Thing Happened in the Gift Shop Day 3: Touring Sea of Galilee


By: Brandon Dirks

February 3, 2016

Carolina Praying over Brandon at Fishing Boat Museum

We were being pushed by our tour guide out of the gift shop at the museum of the 2000 year old fishing boat (by the way, a cool exhibit). We were ready to go to Cliffs of Arbel. But Mark Casper (my friend from Charlotte) wanted to show me the prayer shawls. So I allowed him to drag me in.

This museum was our first stop on the tour. We had boated from Tiberius and had a cool devotional on the sea in which Jesus walked and calmed the storm. We had many stops before lunch, so we had to go. But Mark wanted to show me the prayer shawls.

They were beautiful. WAY TOO expensive for me, about $200, made of wool. So I asked the lady a simple question…how do you use a prayer shawl? I did not get a simple answer.

She knew we were in a hurry and wrapped the shawl around my shoulders, explaining so fast how to use it I couldn’t keep up. She then flipped up, handed me the five knots representing the Torah, flipped the shawl again over my head and then wrapped my fingers in another string. Then I went somewhere. In my Spirit. My only explanation.

She grabbed my hand, put her other hand on my head and pointed my head down. I was lost inside the shawl…exactly what she said should happen. She kept explaining, but after a few words, her language changed to Hebrew…and the tone was different. She was praying. For me. Then, silence.

Her hands still on my head and shoulder. I looked up. Tears in her eyes. She smiled and hugged me. BIG TIME. She kissed me. She said that she felt something and just had to pray. She said she could tell that I loved Jesus! And, had to pray for me.

I am staring at her. I look at Patty. Tears. I look at Mark. Eyes wide. I look back. I said, “That was quite a sales pitch!” She said, “No pitch. Did you know in the Bible, the Hebrew word that is translated into English for ‘work’ also means ‘instrument of death?'” (I am sure Americans can relate.) “But I do not come to ‘work,’ I come to ‘serve.'” She told me not to go to work anymore. Go to serve.

Her name? Carolina.

Break my heart.


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3 thoughts on “A Strange Thing Happened in the Gift Shop Day 3: Touring Sea of Galilee

  1. I don’t want your heart to break. That story is so crazy cool. I think she wants you to move back to NC!!! I’m joking. šŸ˜€

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. One word: Wow!

  3. So did you buy the prayer shawl?

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