Holy Discontent

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Brandon’s Holy Land Photo Blog Part 2

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By: Brandon Dirks

Today is a travel day, so enjoy some photos from the Temple, Wailing Wall, Upper Room and the Garden Tomb.

Jerusalem panoramic with Brandon

My Jerusalem!

Brandon at YMCA in Israel

6 am workout! Israeli style!

Upper Room

Upper Room

Temple Steps

The steps to the main entry into the Temple. All the others places we visited had some uncertainty about if Jesus was there. There is NO uncertainty that Jesus ascended these steps!

Temple SW Wall 2.jpg

Southwest outside corner of the Temple wall

Wailing Wall panoramic

Wailing Wall. Wow doesn’t begin to cover this sacred experience!


Wailing Wall prayers from Brandon

A couple of my prayers for the Wailing Wall

Wailing Wall BrandonWailing Wall Brandon writing prayerWailing Wall Brandon Praying


Temple Zion Gate

Zion Gate to the Temple. Notice the bullet holes???

Brandon and friend

Our guide Victor Nammour at Masada. He said to me, “No selfies while I’m talking.” Well, too bad!

Skull Mountain 1

It’s called Skull Mountain for a reason. It was once a rock quarry where the stones were used to rebuild Israel. This is one section where they get the name skull.

Garden Tomb plaque

The Garden Tomb. Our last stop! This is one of the only two places where scholars think Jesus died, buried and resurrected. Pretty convincing!

Pray for Peace plaque

This will be my prayer from now on. Now I understand why it is so important! Goodbye, Jerusalem. YOU have been the body and blood of Christ to me.




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