Holy Discontent

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Walking the Path: Service

I am discontent with ministry. I was recently asked, “How many ministers do you have Christ Church?” My snarky, mean side forced out a snide response, “About 3000.”

After a second or two of letting that hang between us, I smiled. I apologized. And explained, “I know you meant how many clergy we have on staff, but I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to impress that EVERY Christian is a minister, and our church has about 3000 Christians in it.”

I think this simple point is often deeply overlooked in the church. We have grown accustomed to outsourcing everything in our life—from our food preparation, to lawn service, to auto repair, to childcare, to education, to character development, to our spiritual development…even to the mission of the church—we have hired Continue reading


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Walking the Path Week 2 – Presence

By: Rev. Brandon Dirks

I am discontent with Christian small groups. I don’t have a small group. I am an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church and I don’t have a small group. I have excuses like…I just moved to Kentucky. I am a church staff and a clergy person so I have to be real careful whom I can trust. And, oh, I lead groups. I am in lots of spiritual meetings. But there is not one place, one small group of people with whom I can be “fully” present in such a way that it shapes me to be more like Jesus.

This week the Discover the Path Personal Workbook that Christ Church is asking everyone to work through as a part of our re-visioned stewardship campaign (see my previous blog), is examining our presence—our presence before the Lord, our presence during worship, our presence in a small group.

The term “presence” really pushed me this week.


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By: Rev. Brandon Dirks

I am discontent with the Discover Your Path workbook. If you are not new to my blogs, you understand what I mean by “Holy discontent.” But as a reminder…my discontent is not a human understanding of some kind of aggravation that must be avoided. Rather, Holy discontent is actually a gift from God—that’s what makes discontent, ‘holy.’ It is a reminder that God is trying to do something with me, that God is trying to encourage me to explore the edges of my spiritual comfort zone. For years in my life, when I feel this sort of discontent, I would write it off, ignore it, or do whatever I can to get back to my comfort-filled life. But now, I want to explore it…because God’s gifts are good—even if I feel a little discontent.

As I have been exploring the first week of Christ Church’s stewardship emphasis through our wonderful Discover Your Path personal reflection and assessment workbook, I have been enamored by two things. Continue reading